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Paul Mepham Of Harry Perry Cycles

Harry Perry Cycles sponsors a local Kent based cycle club called V C Elan

V C Elan is an active cycling club in Kent and they have members not only from a broad spectrum of age and ability but also that take part in the many varied disciplines, whether you want to take part in what many call the 'The Race of Truth' and race against time itself, whether you want take part in club rides, sportive, race marshalling or supporting a fellow member on a ride. There are no limits and this might be the club for you!

As you can see they have members with different goals and ambitions from all walks of life but with one thing in common they all love riding their bikes! The Club has a friendly laid back approach and members that are more than happy to pass on invaluable knowledge and help in your chosen endeavours.

A Harry Perry Bike Of Harry Perry Cycles

On the left is an example of a Harry Perry designed and built bike.

After the club was formed, the idea was for each member to take on a job to keep the club going, and to keep the format simple with as few rules as possible and just to enjoy the racing at their level. The club enjoyed the racing taking the south of England cross team prize which made people start to take interest in the club.

One of the early club applicants was Paul Mepham who ran a cycle shop in Woolwich and was also a keen racing man. It seemed a natural progression that Paul's shop, Harry Perry Cycles should sponsor the club, and he started sponsoring the V C Elan in 1975 and this was a great association that has seen many changes but has stood the test of time. Since then many members of V C Elan have obtained cycling medals and recognition amongst the cycling community. For more information on the V C Elan club go to www.vcelan.com

Below are two pictures of Paul Mepham, current owner of Harry Perry Cycles and member of V C Elan cycle club with a trophy he won whilst riding competitively with V C Elan.